'His Side Chick Wanted A Caravan' : Kedals

'A Dime A Dozen' - Kedals - Preview: Thursday July 20th, 6-9pm.

20th July - 12th August 2017

Solo exhibition by south-west painter Kedals, a graduate of Wimbledon College of Art who hails originally from Bath.

Kedals describes himself as a “painter of the sometimes absurd, re-situating themes and popular imagery in a variety of mediums.”

“This series of paintings are an attempt to question ideas surrounding social, political and environmental issues,” the artist explains. “The figures can be portrayed in a variety of ways and are open to suggestion. I hope that the viewer is not just a spectator but engages critically with the work, questioning their own ideas and beliefs about the themes mentioned.

“Although I’m interested in transgression, each painting, with an often satirical eye, resonates a kind of chaotic, yet idyllic sense of fun and humour which is accessible to everyone.”