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Zoë Power - OVERLAY

Opening Night Preview: Thursday 2nd May from 6-9pm All Welcome!

Exhibition continues : 3rd May - 18th May

Through exploring symmetry, repetition and shape, my artwork touches upon themes of connection, femininity and the mind. By breaking down structures into their components, I want to inspire awe at the simplicity and beauty of form that occurs naturally within and around us.

Whilst screen printing I became interested in overlaying shapes and colours. The process of hand printing often lends to happy accidents, with colours spilling over onto each other & layers misaligning. The disrupted shapes and overlapping colour combinations was the starting point for this current body of work. 

Each piece starts as simple line drawing. The fluidity and energy of the line overlays & intersects form, reducing bodies, faces and plants to abstracted blocks & patterns.

With a background of mural painting my work has evolved to be flat, bold & clean, allowing me to fill spaces with large blocks colour. My palette is chosen to inspire joy & wonder, with the subjects reflecting daily moments of stillness & tenderness. These themes translate onto a range of mediums, all communicating in the universal language of colour and inspired by abstraction, art deco & cubism.
— Zoë Power April 2019
© Zoë Power