© Corinna Spencer. 2018.

© Corinna Spencer. 2018.

Corinna Spencer  : 'Lovely Creatures'

7th Sept - 29th Sept 2018

For Lovely Creatures Spencer presents recent paintings and drawings for the artists first solo show in Bristol.


Corinna Spencer’s work is influenced by the representation of women in historical settings, remembered and long forgotten, real and imaginary. Approaching painting in a way that pushes at the boundaries of acceptable and recognisable portraiture Spencer suggests turmoil beneath the skin and the fluidity and uncertainty of daily life. The women in these portraits reach out to the viewer from the past into an equally tumultuous present day.

Small in size but great in number Spencers new paintings deal with colour where it has been absent in her previous work while monotone drawings are more intimate and exist half way between drawing and painting.

All works are for sale see Corinna Spencer pages or view/download PDF

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