Pure Evil

Beau Stanton visits Bristol again for an exhibition of small scale, mixed media works.

Three years ago we presented Beau Stanton's breathtaking exhibition of stained glass 'Tenebras Lux' as a temporary site-specific installation within the Crypt of St John on Quay St, Bristol. Since then Beau has continued to explore his artistic path... cultivating his unique style in various art forms: murals, mosaics, sculpture, animation, prints and painting.

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Gallery Open: 11am - 6pm, Tuesday - Saturday : Or by appointment. (Opening Times may vary).


LETH Projects works are available  - follow artist links below or download a PDF.

Laurie Cole 

Finlay Abbott Elwood

Archie Leschallas

Tommy Lucas

Harry Roberts

Nick Sanderson

Jake Sperling

Original drawings and a limited edition print by Samuel Bassett are also available to buy.