'Easy Peelers' by Nettle Grellier

15th March - 6th April

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“I started making this series of paintings when it was the season for satsumas and sharing, and the oranges became a central part of the work, a symbol for generosity and kindness as in the Greek tale of Hesperides. These paintings are about feeling a sense of intimacy and safety against the turbulence and disjointedness of Society in our restless world. That’s not to say I want these paintings to be about putting your head in the sand, but to unite in kindness and support for one another, and these paintings aim to show that by depicting expressions of tenderness and friendship.

Whilst the subjects are personal, I want them to be familiar to anyone. I use a dictionary of colour combinations as I find the limitation a useful aid in keeping the figures from becoming heavy and overworked. Bare feet, hands doing gentle tasks: absorbed figures who are comfortable in the close presence of the other subjects. I like the bodies to fill the canvas and feel at ease with each other. “

Nettle Grellier, February 2019.