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KEDALS - ‘Chop Your Own Wood’

Opening Night Preview: from 6-9pm on 6th June 2019

Exhibition continues: 7th - 22nd June

Kedals’ paintings seem to unfold in front of you - the characters, colours and abstract symbols and patterns attempt to engage reflection on a much simpler past. Segments of recognisable icons merge with incomplete calligraphy, traditional sign writing, scribbles and drips.

In a time when we’re continually bombarded with new forms of entertainment and media; these paintings are constructed with pop cultural points of reference. But they are not merely retrospective - Kedals’ disrupted characters and use of ‘keywords’ are encouraging the viewer to reflect on life, question iconography and take stock of the present. Kedals paintings are about everyones today - when it’s crucial to recognise the value of memory whilst treasuring the moment.
© Zoë Power