© Angela Lizon. 2018.

© Angela Lizon. 2018.

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Angela Lizon  'Bird Watching'

Friday 8th June - Saturday 30th June.

This body of work is an assemblage of paintings made from a collection of discarded old photos and slides, from anonymous sources, of unknown subjects.

The shots are flawed - badly taken or positioned, worn, or with distorted colours and bleached faces.

The collection of photos are categorised - visually linking images, themes and ideas. There is pictorial repetition of subject matter, often of imagery that does no justice to the original - big waves, flowers, small birds, a magnificent sunset. The repetition echoes the mass of visual material that surrounds us.

The images connect us to a universal collective memory and experience. Painting them immortalises the fleeting moment, rendering the subjects universal and eternal - an unforeseen result from the original throwaway snap.

Angela Lizon, May 2018.


Private View: 6pm - 9pm Thursday 7th June 2018.

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